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Hi, I must say that this unit has been the most difficult one I have had to do on a personal level. I wept throughout this unit. During my study of this unit many old wounds long forgotten/Repressed rose to the surface, both as a victim and as the perpetrator, it created a lot of personal confusion, pain and bitterness I had within myself, but as I continued all that has changed, I now can move forward as a victor knowing I am forgiven as well as I have forgiven those who abused me. I just hope my children find God’s light and break the cycle. May God bless you

Student B

What an amazing study! This study gives even the newest convert to Christianity enough info to talk to most ‘intelligent’ of people with facts to back up all the say. If I had this study as a young man I would have been with Jesus so much earlier. No doubt this is the best study I have done so far and has given me ‘ammo’ to go out and spread God’s Word with confidence. PRAISE GOD. Thank you all at E.C.S.


I wanted to thank you both for your correspondence over the last four years and let you know that if it wasn’t for the Emmaus courses, I wouldn’t be doing this degree now. To me the Emmaus courses were not only foundational in regards to future studies but well balanced theologically speaking. Some of the articles that I have to read from different scholars are quite frankly, way off track. Remembering some of the reasonable and responsible teachings in the Emmaus courses helps me to stay grounded and focused when doing my assignments.

Correspondence Student

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The Emmaus Bible Correspondence School is the largest in the world supplying over 1.4 million Bible correspondence courses world wide each year. It is evangelical, non-denominational in outreach, with the courses published for the purpose of encouraging people of all ages to study the Word of God, the Bible.

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